Tanks & Terminals

In a partnership with Secure Energy Services (TSE: SES) and Barcas Pipeline Ventures (BPV), LLC, CP Energy has significant delivery, blending and tank capacity at Cushing, Oklahoma, for its customers.

In 2015, BPV constructed a 700,000-barrel crude oil tank farm with four 175,000-barrel tanks and a 15 mbbl/d truck unload facility on 10 acres at Cushing. The partnership is between Secure Energy, BPV and CP Energy Cushing, a wholly owned subsidiary of CP Energy Holdings. CP Energy has direct access to several key terminals at Cushing, as well as indirect access to other major company terminals and interconnects at Cushing, including TransCanada (Marketlink), NGL Energy, Magellan, Plains and Enterprise.

Secure Energy Services (TSE: SES) is a publicly traded integrated energy business with midstream infrastructure, environmental and technical divisions providing services to upstream oil and natural gas companies.  The Cushing partnership with Secure Energy, signed in early 2019, brings Canadian markets, Canadian producer relationships and potential for Canadian producer commitments to the terminal.

Secure Energy Acquires Cushing Crude Oil Storage Infrastructure

BPV is known for its depth of midstream and upstream experience, from crude oil tanks and related gathering, transport and marketing services to the drilling and production segments of the energy industry. BPV previously constructed and operated a 4,250,000 barrel, 70-acre tank farm at Cushing, Oklahoma, in partnership with Magellan Crude Oil.

Cushing, Oklahoma tank farm
Cushing, Oklahoma tank farm